Gucci Brixton Loafers | Gucci Brixton Loafers

Hands down the most comfy shoes I own…even compared to sneakers ! I have both the Gucci Brixton and Jordaan loafers, glancing at them, they look the same, main difference is the Brixton folds down in the back to double as a slip on. Either pair, you can’t go wrong, classic & comfy is a win win… and with endless options in styles, colors, patterns, fabrics or leathers, Gucci has you covered!

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6 responses to “Gucci Brixton Loafers”

  1. Samantha Sheinson says:

    I’ve literally been wanting these forever, but in red. Glad to hear you find them comfy, because I have been wondering for a while now…

  2. Ayesha says:

    Did you size down in the brixtons and by how much?

    • FIGTNY says:

      i went 1/2 size down but i think it will vary from person to person, would be best if you have a chance to try on in store or or 2 sizes and return one – hope this helps !

  3. You look great in these! How do you like these compared to the Jordaans or the mules? Is the sizing the same for you in the brixtons? Do you find the fold down back useful at all? I have the mules in black and getting the Brixtons in red and wanted your opinion on how the 2 compare in terms of looks and sleekness – is the Brixton more chunky/casual than the Jordaan? thanks!!

    • FIGTNY says:

      Hi there! So first thing first – across the board I wear the same size in all my Guccis – Jordaans / Brixton / Fur slides and regular mules. I wear my Black Brixton 10x more than any other pair so prob consider those my most comfortable out of the bunch. Mules in general are trickier to walk in esp. on New York streets, up and down subways, rushing around city but they are great for slow laid back days when none of those factors are a concern! between the jordaan + brixton, I never wear brixton with back down so i wear them in same manner, but because I wear the brixton so much more it has soften up the most and is perhaps least sleek now…having said that they all feel and look same in terms of sleekness. Really they are both amazingly comfortable and you just can’t go wrong – love them all – hope this helps !

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