Year & Day

Year & Day


A quest for new dishes seems like a simple task in theory, but what I quickly found in my search, is a sea of “stuff” in shops and online. Ceramics were over-designed, over-styled, perhaps a little heavy-handed and to be honest, I got overwhelmed with the process.

Cue Year & Day. A home label that speaks to my minimal nature, stripped away the fuss and made things effortless.

I was introduced to the brand right as I was planning a big move. This is what initially inspired the hunt for new dishes. I wanted a clean slate for my new home. Beautiful dishes that were elegant, modern, refined but simple and versatile, and that’s just what I got, beauty meets utility in Year & Day.

The brand currently offers a selection of table essentials including ceramics, flatware, glassware and candles…all a la carte, allowing you to build your own set, customize quantities and mix and match colors. I opted for a singular colorway, Moon, the dreamiest, creamiest, pale off-white.

I have started my baseline collection with 8 complete place settings, a handful of the Bud Vase which has made a cameo in several nooks and corners all around my home and a few Moon scented candles (think Rosemary, lavender, mint and moss – yum!) Next on my list are flatware, glassware and 2 more place settings.

So while the holidays may be over and gifting others has passed, treat yourself and start the year off fresh with Year & Day.
A clean slate for the New Year!

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