shop my closet !

f*** it…going to NY!

My NYC lack of closet space forces me to purge my clothing and accessories once in a while, I have a rule that every time I purchase something new, I let something go, this keeps my inventory levels even haha …you can link to items in the menu tab “Shop my Closet” or click HERE !

If you are interested in anything, message me at, [email protected] !


4 responses to “shop my closet !”


    Love your style! Such an amazing selection.
    I’d love to shop your closet, however the link on your site doesn’t seem to work.
    I wear French 40/M, shoes 39-40.
    I live in NY & work in the arts, so easy chic comfort is key.


    • FIGTNY says:

      Hi Rene! I sold thru the items I had on the site, thinking about doing another batch soon so I will keep you posted – unfortunately I’m a teeny tiny 35 shoe :- / and mainly petite sizes in clothing …(I’m super short haha ;) anyway I will let you know so you can check out items once I list any !
      thank you soooooo much for your interest !!!!

  2. Marie says:

    I stumbled upon you via instagram.
    I really love how simplified and gorgeous you go about in style.
    I would love to shop your closet whenever you have items up for sale, so please do contact me!
    But probably wouldn’t fit into your petite size shoes with my size 39/40 feet..

  3. Carol says:

    Would be interested in notification for next sale event. If you ever considered giving up the Alexander Wang Prisma clutch….very interested! All the best!

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