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A very sheer sweep of color and multi-tasks as nail perfecter/ridge filler, this Diorlisse polish is a perfect non-color, color…I’m always on the hunt for a very pale pink neutral and loved this because it smoothed out my nail surface at the same time! I’m not big into nail care, mainly b/c I’m awful on my hands & nails and constantly end up with chips, scratches and breaks, but I liked that even if those things happen, its an easy touch up/fix with a near true-nail shade, it also strengthens and whitens nails and dries to a rosy smell. Can be worn as a base color or alone for naturally nude nails.

Petal Pink and Snow Pink.

figtny.com | Dior  figtny.com | Dior figtny.com | Dior figtny.com | Dior

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