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A few weeks back, I posted a weekend project of mine, I was craving anything “springy” and got ambitious and thought I could pot a few plants, as a side note, the last time I bought greenery for our place was a few Christmas mini cedars which all died within a few days and well before Christmas….so thats my back story on my  level of expertise on maintaining plant life. All in all, the succulents went pretty smooth, loved the results (hated the clean up!) See how it went below !!

what you’ll need : succulents / containers / pebbles / dirt / disposable gloves (optional) / bunch of newspapers for lining a counter or table you plan to work at to catch excess dirt

1.find containers that will be deep enough for the roots, I used perfectly simple hand-made ceramics that I got in Europe, they are meant to be drinking glasses but I had always wanted to use them somewhere on display and this was the perfect use!

2.once you set up your area, protecting surfaces with newspaper, line the bottom of the container with pebbles is the dirt,  scoop enough into your container to cover pebbles and create soft base for the plant to be potted (can’t believe I actually bought dirt !!!) gently shimmy the succulents out of their temporary pots and drop them into their new container and fill dirt around the sides till it is more or less tucked in

5.water every 3-4 weeks

….okay so…please take my “directions” with a  grain of salt, after I basically got step by step directions from my local plant store, my success rate is a 3/4 …unfortunately my lovely purple succulent is very sad and we’re waiting to see if it pulls thru : (

I took pics of everything I used below and the lovely potted results ! | succulents | succulents | succulents project | succulents project | succulents project | succulents project | succulents | succulents | succulents | succulents | succulents | succulents | succulents

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