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Hi & Lo


Since getting my first sneakers in forever, a pair of Nike’s about a month ago, I’ve had an epiphany that I love sneakers!! So since I’m on this sneakers kick (pun intended ;) I decided to grab a few pairs of super classic Converse All-Stars…and lucked out that I fit the kids sizes so I picked up each pair for about the price of a lunch ! I love the low tops and know that I can style them a ton of diff ways, the high tops I love the idea of but are def more out of my comfort zone…at least they were not a huge investment so I can give them a spin and see.

I’ll post detailed pics of each next week when I add these to my clothing archive and also watch for them in upcoming outfit pics…in the meantime I pinned a few converse “inspiration” pics to my Pinterest style board – see it here

Will be wearing these this weekend…woohoo : ) Have a great Easter weekend everyone!!! | converse all stars! | converse all stars! | converse all stars!

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