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I was on the hunt for this jacket for a bit and just managed to finally find it in my size! Most of my current leathers are super fitted and on the thin side, so its nice to have a thick, tough & slightly oversized piece (through the body not the shoulders) …perfect for tons of layers, can’t wait to work it in and soften it up : ) 

Update ** this jacket is no longer available BUT I found a similar styles at Revolve Clothing and All Saints

H&M The New Icons Leather Jacket | Black

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33 responses to “H&M the new icons leather jacket”

  1. Dana says:

    Oh wow, this is perfect. I hope I can find one

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Sandrine says:

    Hi I have been looking for this jacket in a size 2 or 4 forever… I don’t know what size it is but I would buy it from you… thanks

  3. FIGTNY says:

    Hi Sandrine – sending you an email now ! I’m not selling BUT I have a suggestion ;)

  4. Marieke says:

    I would love to get a tip for where I can get this jacket, it’s really amazing!!

  5. Caroline says:

    Hi, can’t find this perfect jacket anywhere! Where did you finally find yours FIGTNY?!!

  6. Caroline says:

    Where can I find this perfect jacket?! I have been looking everywhere!!

  7. Hi :)

    I am desperately looking for a jacket like this, any suggestions as I will need to buy online as I am in Cape Town, South Africa :) Xx

  8. Alice says:

    Please tell me where i can get this from? sold out everywhere i look! xx

  9. Alice says:

    Hey there,I’ve been looking for this perfect jacket for an eternity! Can you tell where I can find it please? Thanks :)

  10. Vanessa says:

    Hello would you mind emailing me to on where I can purchase one from??
    Thank you so much xx

  11. Vicki says:


    Would you please email me to let me know where you can get this jacket. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  12. Chanel Young says:

    Hi there
    Absolutely luv this jacket!!! Where did you manage to buy it from and does it come in a size 6??
    Thanks xx

  13. Fran says:

    Email me too please – I’m dying for this jacket!! Thank you

  14. naouel says:

    email me too

  15. Millie says:

    hi is this jacket available anymore or is it possible to order it from somewhere, pls help if you have any onfo :) Thanks

  16. Mie says:

    Can you please tell me where to buy it? Thanks :)

  17. Olivia says:

    Hi, just wondering if you can help me out with the sizing guide for this jacket. Is it quite true to size? And do you know what the aus sizing equivalents are? Much appreciated x

    • FIGTNY says:

      Hi there – so I am fairly petite and have size 4 US / I would have prob been a bit better with the 2 for the shoulders but 4 allows me to layer a bit …not sure about Australian sizing, sorry about that , but hope this helps ! overall I believe its true to size and remember leather always stretches so even if it starts out a bit tight it shd give with time ; ) good luck !

  18. Kate says:

    I know this is an old post but hopefully I can find this particular jacket. Where did you get it?

    Thank you,

  19. kine laursen says:


    I would also love to hear where i could get this if you know? Since its from the 2013 collection :(

  20. Jannie Jensen says:

    Hi – i have been looking for this jacket so long now – do you know where i can get it or is it too late? :-)

  21. Weronika says:

    hi – do you know where I can get this jacket? or is too late now??

  22. Harper says:

    I have had this jacket for years and someone stole it tonight. It’s my favorite jacket in the world. Is there any way I can buy yours from you? I am so heartbroken :(

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