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I finally managed to take a few photos of my make-up essentials…thank goodness for make-up  (and caffeine of course!)  I’m not a make-up junkie and don’t have drawer fulls of make-up everywhere, I def get down to the very last little bit of something and then replace it and pretty much stick to the same stuff I’ve been using for years. You’ll also notice I’m not an adventurer and don’t use bold colors haha, even the packaging of the make up I use is mainly black and white – how very me!!  I’m not personally recommending anything !!!  I simply wanted to share what’s in my make-up rotation, what I use and love and what gets me thru my day and mornings especially ; ) 

Hope you enjoy !!! | my make-up | my make-up | my make-up | my make-up essentials

Korres Lip Butters | Guava and Jasmine …I have been using these for years, love these 2 pale shades that give a hint of color are creamy and conditioning | my make-up essentials

Nars Eye primer | colorless…this is one of those items that I would have never picked up on my own but i was lucky enough to be gifted a bunch of Nars stuff and this was among them and I love it ! Goes on white but immediately transforms to colorless and really works well for me as a nice base for any shadow / tint | my make-up | my make-up essentials

Nars Eyesahdow Duo | Tzarine and All about Eve…over the years I have gone more and more pale with my shadows, now my fave look is a nude / beach / glow kind of eye – these two duo’s by Nars both have fab pale /subtle shades and the Tzarine also has a shimmery charcoal grey if you are in the mood for a smokey look ! | my make-up essentials

Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer | Natural Radiance…I have never used foundation in my life, something about them just seem heavy and un-natutral to me but I def want a smooth finished look and love this moisturizer to achieve that. It has SPF  20 / is lightweight and I love the hint of color, I actually go a shade darker than my skin tone but use it very sparingly and really spread it out so I get a bit of a “glow” haha well as much of a glow as my fair skin will get ; ) | my make-up essentials

Nars Lengthing Mascara | Black…back to Nars, I’ve tried a lot of mascara’s over the years from drugstore to luxe but this continues to be my fave! | my make-up essentials

Nars Blush and Bronzer duo | Orgasm and Laguna…classics – enough said! | my make-up | my make-up essentials

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat | No.2.5 Luminous Vanilla…I use this and dab in corners of my eye when I need that well rested look : ) | my make-up essentials

Nars The Multiple | Copacabana…I actually use this primarily on my eyes, just dab a little on eyelid ! Copacabana is the most perfect pale, sheer, pink champagne tint, it just glistens LOVE it !

F I G T N Y night out

Items not pictured :

Concealer of choice – M.A.C. Studio Finish Concealer (aka my life-saver!)

Lip Gloss of choice – Chanel Glossimer various pale/sheer shades

Eye Liners of choice – Nars Soft touch pencil and YSL Water Proof Eye Pencil

Compact of choice – Chanel


4 responses to “my make-up essentials”

  1. Jo says:

    I love that your minimalism continues with your makeup. Will you do a skincare post? Your complexion is flawless!

    • FIGTNY says:

      Hi Jo! I was actually going to do a follow up post about my fave “tools of the trade” but I will think on the skin care idea!! ;)
      thanks for such a nice comment :)

  2. Olivia says:

    I love your style! I love that you stick to one brand for many of your cosmetic options, I’ve found that works great for my skin! I’m looking into eye primers and was hoping you could shed some light on the NARS product. Does the NARS eye primer become oily over time or cause a crease with the eye shadow used?

    • FIGTNY says:

      Hi there …in my humble opinion the Nars primer has been terrific – it appears white in the tube but goes on clear and I have found out of the handful of various primers I have tried this has been may fave – no creases/great staying power/non-oily ! ; )
      hope this helps xoxo

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