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Holy ! We are so lucky to have an amazing weekend getaway spot accessible to us almost anytime courtesy of our aunt Lois and uncle Scott in Pennsylvania, along with Lady the doberman and Cricket and Rascal the cats. We spent a few days playing on the property, riding around on quads (I lasted about 10 seconds!) I got gifted a fabulous vintage sequin dress and we pretty much just ate/slept and repeat !

We love visiting our family in PA, they are the absolute best…and I’m not just saying that because they have a beyond FAB property and home / its not b/c our uncle is a trained french culinary chef / its not b/c they spoil us to death…hmmmmm well maybe it is ALL those things haha – but really we are so lucky to have them.They are beyond generous and loving, check out the pics below of around their place and envy, ENVY the menu we feasted on below !!! Y U M

Day 1

snack – pretzels but not just any pretzels, these are hand-made shipped in by the case from a pretzel maker!

dinner – Potato and Leak soup (made from scratch) Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches w/ fancy cheese I can’t pronounce ; )

dessert – home-made truffles with cocoa & coconut

snack – stove top popcorn cooked in hot oil w/ parmesan / salt and white pepper (HOLY MOLY !) oh and did I mention the kernels get shipped in from a “popcorn” guy…and yes they have a popcorn guy and a pretzel guy : )

Day 2

brunch – French Toast with chocolate bread and real organic maple syrup…are you with me ?? C H O C O L A T E bread…made from scratch with cocoa and dark chocolate, I can’t even make this stuff up!!! On the side was organic bacon and grapes

late lunch – Italian tuna open face sandwiches made with home made bread (of course!) with artichoke, spinach and lemon

cocktails – blueberry / grapefruit and green grape sangria

appetizer – burrata cheese with toasted bread brushed with garlic & drizzled with the craziest olive oil I have ever tasted…may I have m o r e ?

dinner – shrimp tacos with tomatillo salsa made from scratch – O M G…no words…my absolute fave ! (4 lbs of shrimp for 6 people!)

dessert – berry sorbet with fresh blueberries drowned in Belgium Beer !!!

Day 3

breakfast – toast and coffee…relatively simple compared to all our other meals, but still the bread was home-made, oh and the coffee was brought in by H’s mom from Toby’s in Brooklyn soooooo good !

early Easter Supper – lamb (which everyone raved about, I passed as I’m mostly vegetarian) potato galette / braised asparagus / italian Pulgliese bread (home-made) and warm lentil salad – omg!!! oh and champagne to wash it down ; )

dessert – everyone received their own Easter basket filled with amazing goodies, including chocolate & candy eggs of every shape and size !

Okay so pretty much I ate like a queen for a few days and now I’m back to reality aka take out in NY ! haha…it was GREAT while it lasted : )


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