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I promised myself to invest in some lovely new makeup soon. I did a post a little while back about my beauty bag assortment, and while I love my current items, I am craving a tiny bit of change and infusing some new beauty items into the mix. I’m a total creature of habit so everything I currently use, I’ve used for YEARS (!!!) I think its time to branch out haha …these Chanel items are so dreamy, they scream luxury and pampering ; ) Plus I’m a huge sucker for lovely packaging. Check out full assortment and new Fall colors at stores like Bloomingdales , SAKS and Bergdorf Goodman

Chanel Beauty | Le Weekend

Chanel | Le Weekend

Chanel Beauty | Brush

Chanel | Foundation Brush #6

Chanel Beauty | Le Beiges Healthy Glow SPF 15 Bronzer

Chanel | Les Beiges SPF 15 Bronzer

Chanel Beauty | Nail Color Secret

Chanel | Secret Nail Color 

Chanel Beauty | Nail Color Orage

Chanel | Orage Nail Color

Chanel Beauty | Nail Color Ballerina   

Chanel | Ballerina Nail Color

Chanel Beauty | Rose Reve Lip

Chanel | Lip Rose Reve

Chanel Beauty | Hydra Beauty Lip Care

Chanel | Hydra Beauty Lip Care



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  1. STYLONYM says:

    Those nailpolish colors are beautiful!


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