Alexander wang marble surfboards


Surf ‘s Up !


Alexander Wang X Haydenshapes

I’ll take one of each please !!! …A week or so ago I posted a “Marble Swag” story about my love of marble and incorporating it into home and office by way of boxes and trays etc…Pretty much I would love to cover most everything with marble haha…so when I saw these Alexander Wang x Haydenshapes collaboration Marble Surfboards, I was instantly in love and convinced myself I could surf, of course I’ve never been on a surfboard in my life ! Can’t wait to go by the Soho store in NY where they are currently on display and see them in person. For now enjoy the pics and go to Alexander Wang for more photos and details…and bags and shoes and wallets and tee’s haha ; )

alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014      alexander-wang-haydenshapes-surfboards-2014

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  1. Kellye says:

    The coolest visual merchandising. Ever! Haha :)

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