NEW CLUTCH FLAT LAY | New Clutch Flat Lay



So needless to say I’m completely obsessed with my new clutch ! …and surprisingly shocked just how much this thing holds!!! mags, iPad, phone of course, trinkets and sunnies, my indispensable Alexander Wang clutch/wallet (…yes I know haha a clutch inside of a clutch !!)

….hmmm it also come is the most gorgeous shade of blue… ; )

Aritzia Six Eleven Huggable Clutch | New Clutch Flat | New Clutch Flat | New Clutch Flat | New Clutch Flat Lay

3 responses to “NEW CLUTCH FLAT LAY”

  1. Kellye says:

    Love this spread. That clutch is fantastic! It seems like the prefect size for toting everything around. :)

  2. Heidi D. says:

    I am seriously obsessed with this clutch! I love that its oversized. Makes it slightly more practical. Have a great weekend!

    Heidi D.

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