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To say I like sweaters is a huge understatement haha… I would say obsessed with sweaters is a better representation of where I’m at ! ; ) I did a little Boot Edit a few weeks back and decided to do another edit for my fave fall/winter item – sweaters !! Here is a list of the 5 sweater styles I can’t live without that make up my daily uniform for what seems like half the year. Enjoy!!


Navy is a relatively new obsession for me…I always defaulted to black for something dark, but lately I’m loving navy everything! I think it all stemmed from this sweater dress ; )

figtny.com | outfit • 73figtny.com | outfit • 73figtny.com | outfit • 73


So this is not only a sweater must-have for me but an overall wardrobe must have ! I have always loved Winter Whites…sweaters / jeans / knit hats and coats … there is just something about draping yourself in an ivory oversized knit – heaven !

figtny.com | Aritzia Takeover !figtny.com | outfit • 71figtny.com | outfit • 71figtny.com | outfit • 64figtny.com | outfit • 64


So pretty much I’m convinced I can turn any sweater into a sweater dress haha …as a general rule I try and buy oversized everything which comes in handy when I need those few extra inches in length to turn any sweater into a dress ! ; )

figtny.com | Left On Houston Jones Pulloverfigtny.com | outfit • 70figtny.com | outfit • 70figtny.com | outfit • 83


Ahhhhh Hope Sweaters … where have you been all my life ?? Seriously the BEST sweaters ! I only have a collection of exactly 2 but I know that will grown in time as both have grown into my #1 and #2 faves. I have the Hope Grand Sweater in Charcoal and the Hope Marine Sweater in Black, both have a similar, recognizable Hope silhouette…love to wear over silk slips / leather skinnies / destroyed denim – really the perfect knit !!!

figtny.com | instagram figtny.com | outfit • 57figtny.com | outfit • 57figtny.com | outfit • 42figtny.com | outfit • 42


I’ve never met a grey I didn’t like ! haha …really its true !! From light dove greys / marled heather greys to dark charcoal , I am a grey super fan !! : )

figtny.com | outfit • 69figtny.com | outfit • 69figtny.com | outfit • 78figtny.com | outfit • 84figtny.com | outfit • 84figtny.com | grey on grey on grey




7 responses to “Sweater Edit”

  1. Eva says:

    I’m truly in love with your sweater collection! xx


  2. You always have the best cozy sweaters! I’m loving navy x black right now:)

    Heidi D.

  3. Nena says:

    Whoa adorable post!

    love, Turn it inside out

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  5. jane says:

    you don’t say whereto buy them except for a selectfew at the bottom I am interested in the big loopy dark gray one.you don’t show anywhere to buy anything

  6. Kennes says:

    hi, I super love your sweaters . You look so so stylish. Wound you mind telling me your Aritzia Grey brickner sweater size . It is hard to find any xs and s in store.


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