Triangl Swimwear | Triangl Swimwear

I promised myself that I will get more Triangle Swimwear in a color other than black haha…but for now I’m starting my collection with my classic/fave go-to color! Kind of obsessed with the neoprene fabric and luxe finishes & love that each suit comes with its own neoprene bag – how cool is that ?? !! Shop the collection here

OLLIE – TWIGGY STARDUST | WINNIE – NEW YORK NOIR | Triangl | Triangl | Triangl | Triangl | Triangl | Triangl Swimwear | L.A. | Triangl Swimwear

2 responses to “Triangl Swimwear”

  1. Minau says:

    If i have body for this swimwear i would def buy it..:)

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