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I absolutely love discovering new small little luxuries. Part of my New Year, not an official resolution per say, but more of a small resolution to better living in general, is to surround myself with fewer, better pieces. I’m minimal by nature and don’t like clutter or a lot of stuff but I still value having a small selection of beautiful, meaningful items. My Aussie friends introduced me to a new all white collection of candles by Lumira. This candle trio is not only gorgeous, it is also made with meticulous attention to detail, developed over 12 months and handcrafted to achieve a truly beautiful & premium end result, I’m also a sucker for thoughtful packaging ! And there is nothing better for escapism than a fragrance, each candle was created with the purpose that each individual fragrance can be burned at a specific time of the day – daylight, midday & nightfall. I wish I could somehow convey how amazing the scents are, and full disclosure, they are so beautiful that I had a hard time finally lighting them, like a beautifully wrapped present that’s too pretty to open. Want these in every room, decision, decisions…

La Primavera – evokes a sense of Daylight
Sirocco – evokes memories of summer days
Darsana – delivers sensual & nocturnal notes

La Primavera | Sirocco | Darsana | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier | Atelier Lumira

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