Hope Grand Sweater via Damoy

figtny.com | Hope Sweater via Damoy Antwerp

This is my 4th Hope Sweater addition and quite possibly my favorite…afterall, I love a great white-out moment…well off-white or ivory in this case but same same ; ) My good friends at Damoy in Antwerp surprised me and sent me some goodies recently and among them this go-to oversized knit! If you’re not familiar with Damoy, check them out!! Aside from having one of the best curated shops, they also happen to have one of my absolute favorite Instagrams. I literally want (and covet) every single item they carry. I love their strong point of view mixing fashion & lifestyle…they really work on curating their selection, edit down and order in limited quantities so items really feel special!

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4 responses to “Hope Grand Sweater via Damoy”

  1. Jessica Rose says:

    The jumper is gorgeous and so you! They obviously have been paying attention to your blog. ;)


    ps. Sorry if you have been bored to death by this but can I ask what colour you have done to your hair. Thinking of a big change for myself. THANK YOU. x

  2. pia says:

    your sweaters are so pretty and comfy!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  3. sanssouci says:

    Stunning total white! Love your style as always!

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