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My newest jewelry additions, the most beautiful moonstones set in sterling silver by Olivia Kane. Olivia…aka my friend, aka my neighbor, aka designer extraordinaire. While she specializes in mood rings, I opted for these twin, ghost-like moonstones, pale with a hint of color if you catch them in the light. The teardrop is part of her main line while the oval is custom. Great for stacking but bold on their own, perfect for a minimalist like me who wants something simple but also wants flair! …and since I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging, I’m obsessed with the little leather pouches they store in!

Olivia Kane | Oval & Teardrop Shaped Moonstone rings (inquire online about custom piece)

figtny.com | Olivia Kane Ringsfigtny.com | Olivia Kane Rings figtny.com | Olivia Kane Ringsfigtny.com | Olivia Kane Rings

3 responses to “Olivia Kane Rings”

  1. sanssouci says:

    Absolutely amazing pieces! Beautiful minimal and detailed captures!

  2. Millie says:

    Very very cute x

    Millie x

  3. DNAMAG says:

    Lovely, so perfectly minimal!


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