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By the



Aside from choosing scents based on scent, I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging, why hide life’s little luxuries at the bottoms of drawers when they can be front & center? My newest scent addiction is Book by Commodity from Sephora, it fits my aesthetic seamlessly both in its scent & sensibility!

Sephora has been my first destination for anything and everything beauty, hair and fragrance for as long as I can remember. An expert in niche fragrances in particular, they are all about offering a library of scent options that promote individuality and layering scents to create the perfect cocktail to suit your personality. It’s here that I found “Book”.

Part of Commodity’s Black Collection, composed of scents that are intense, complex and moody (kinda like me ; ) …Book immediately drew me in. Partly nostalgic and partly sentimental, it evoked childhood memories of my time growing up in Europe…packed bookshelves & book stacks at home, pouring through pages. The woodsy notes remind me of that vintage book spine smell, just flipping through cover to cover.

The mix of woodsy notes along with cucumber & eucalyptus gives off a great balance: Fresh while still borrowing from the boys…Best of both worlds!

Mix and match some additional favorite Commodity scents below, inspired by the everyday like Rain, Moss & Wool! | By the | By the Book | By the Book | By the Book | By the Book | By the Book | By the | By the Book | By the Book

3 responses to “By the Book”

  1. Liny says:

    Love them as well! But I see you don’t like the white/gold scents as much?

    • FIGTNY says:

      I linked to a few White Collection scents as well, was just focusing on current fave “Book” ; )

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