Embracing Leather Weather Sephora x Tom Ford Ombré Leather

In partnership with Sephora




Inspired by the recent shift in weather, the changing season and desire for something new…I needed a fresh update for Fall.

Giving a whole new meaning to “leather weather”, meet your worn-in-leather-jacket equivalent, warm but undeniably cool,
Tom Ford Ombré Leather. And just like that favorite leather jacket, the same boy meets girl undertones apply. No need to borrow from the boys in this case however, this unisex scent has everyone covered!

What a leather jacket represents in your closet during the transitional season between Summer and Fall, Tom Ford Ombré Leather is that ultimate layering piece, but for your beauty routine. Evoking exactly what you crave for Fall…think spicy, warm and woodsy tones, black leather and white moss wrapped around you, the perfect round up of scents to set the tone for the season.

Available at Sephora, my fave, one-stop-shop for absolutely everything and anything hair, face, body and beauty related. It’s almost embarrassing how many Sephora points I have collected haha…needless to say I get more than my fair share of Sephora deliveries, I always have easy access to everything I need or discover items I never knew I wanted…including every fragrance imaginable. Not to worry however, decisions are easy when you take the Sephora Fragrance Finder Quiz like me to find your perfect match!

And, If you are anything like me, ever since I can remember, I’ve considered fragrances little luxuries. Not everyone has access to a Tom Ford suit for example, but everyone can experience the world of Tom Ford through fragrances. A new scent addition has always been the perfect introduction to my favorite designers. And since I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, Tom Ford doesn’t disappoint here either. Pushing the envelope and replacing pretty with luxe, this bottle is accented with leather details and fits seamlessly within my decor. Not hiding this guy in cabinets or drawers, it stays perfectly perched on my marble trays and countertops.

Check out my edit below, a favorite designer, a favorite store and a favorite season all coming together.

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