Mondaine 75 Year Anniversary Watch Set

Shot in partnership with Mondaine


My newest watch addition is more than just a watch…
Featuring a recognizable and iconic design, this watch face is known worldwide as “The official Swiss station clock”

To honor and celebrate the 75th anniversary of this timeless design, my friends at Mondaine have launched a limited edition series set.

Featuring interchangeable straps, this set is the best of both worlds if I do say so myself…The smooth black leather strap gives a nod to the original and stays true to my minimalist nature, while the checkered print fabric is Summer approved.

A symbol of quality, functionality, precision and reliability…now let’s just see if it can make me more punctual ;)

Set available in 2 sizes 30mm | 40 mm (I am wearing the 30mm) | Shop all Mondaine

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