Shopbop X Black Friday | Shopbop Black Friday Sale!!!

Finally it’s here !! Time to scoop up all those pricey items that we never purchased b/c we can’t justify price or stock up on fave basics that are in heavy rotation and will need to be retired soon ; )  …the Shopbop Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo is here – use code GOBIG14 at checkout from Nov 28- Dec 1 (such an appropriate code btw haha!) 15% off if you spend $250 | 20% off if you spend $500 | 25% off if you spend $1000

My shopping style is def from my couch with computer in hand …here are a bunch of things I have found that I love, many are patiently waiting in my “cart” LOL ! Good Luck with sizes ! Happy Black Friday – woohoo : D

4 responses to “Shopbop X Black Friday”

  1. Gorgeous! I think I want it all for me!

    Heidi D.

  2. Kellye says:

    Love your list! Im a huge fan of the T by Alexander Wang tank you have listed. Mine have tiny holes in them so I’ll definitely have to stock up soon! Look forward to seeing your haul. :)

    • FIGTNY says:

      its all so addictive AND confusing , always want wayyyy too much but I’m trying to stick to stocking up on basics rather than being overly bold with a ton of new styles – we seem to have almost the identical wardrobe btw ! ; )

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