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Hello to my new favorite boots…leave it to the always reliable, always consistent Isabel Marant for creating another one of my favorite pieces. I am a long-time fangirl of all things Marant and these boots are no exception. A western boot hybrid, with just enough western flair but reined-in to avoid looking costume-y for a New York girl like me. Keeping the heel classic with over-the-knee detailing make it unlike any western-style boot you’ve ever seen before…just exactly the type of piece I would expect to find at
Think hard-to-find, coveted and in-my-size! Checking off all my boxes.

So what is a girl to do with new boots in tow? Road test a few looks of course.

Wearing head to toe for both looks here, it’s as easy as swapping out just a few layering pieces to completely change the dynamics of a look for whatever mood you’re in. One look is rooted in lightness and softness and airy, while the other is darker, edgier and much more street.

Whatever you gravitate to, it’s easy to achieve at Since I’m always on the hunt for that slight spin on a classic to re-energerize and re-inspire my wardrobe, I’m on the site constantly, checking new arrivals, adding to my wishlist and getting inspiration.
It is one of the places I shop most hands-down.

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